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How to Root Android Phone in Different Ways?

Hey guys! In this article, you will learn in detail how to root android phone. In this article, I will tell you different methods to root your mobile. But before that, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of this.

What is meant by Root Android Phone?

When you buy your smartphone, you have some limitations or restrictions from the mobile company.  According to those limitations, you cannot make a lot of modifications to your Android. You have limited access to modify your phone.

For example, you cannot uninstall the pre-installed applications.

When you root your device, you break all the limitations/restrictions set by the company. Now you can even uninstall the pre-installed applications, or you can do whatever you want with your mobile device.

After rooting, you become a super-user i.e. you can make any changes in your device whether they are the functionality, performance or whatever changes. You get super-access to your smartphone.

What are the Disadvantages of Rooting Android Mobile phone?

  1. The first disadvantage is that the official Warranty of mobile phone is finished or becomes non-applicable.
  2. You don’t get official updates.
  3. Your smartphone is exposed to a lot of security threats.
  4. Your device becomes susceptible to viruses, malware or any other unwanted program.
  5. Hackers can easily hack your smartphone.
  6. The device heats up faster than before rooting and hence its performance lowers.
  7. In rare cases, if you do something wrong while rooting manually, your smartphone may dead or brick.

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What are the Advantages of Rooting Android Mobile phones?

  1. You can move application files from internal memory to SD card.
  2. One can flash the custom recovery, custom ROM or custom Kernel.
  3. You can change the boot (startup) logo.
  4. We can do reverse tethering i.e. share your PC’s internet with your mobile device.
  5. There are a lot of applications that support only on rooted devices.

How to check if my Android phone is rooted or not?

First of all, I need to check if my smartphone is already rooted or not. But how can I do that? For this, I need to go to Google Play Store and download the app “Root Checker”.

How to Root & Unroot Android Phone | Pros & Cons | All Details 1

Download this app and open it. It will show the status either it is rooted or not.

Should I Root my Android Phone?

Well, if you ask me, it’s surely “Not”. As we have discussed earlier, there are a number of serious disadvantages of rooting android device, you should not root your device at all. If you do something wrong while trying to root it manually, your phone may be dead or brick. Instead, you can search for some alternative solution for the problem due to which you want to root your device.

But, if you are very sure to root your device, and you can compromise on the above-mentioned disadvantages, you can continue to root your device. There is many root android phone software which I will tell you below in this article.

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How to Backup Your Phone Data before Rooting?

In rare cases, after rooting, you may come across some errors or issues with your device. You may lose your important data in some cases. So, be sure to back up your phone data before rooting it.

Watch this video if you don’t know how to backup it.

How to Root Android Phone with PC Safely?

To root your device with a PC, you need to have the following three things.

  1. The mobile phone
  2. A working Computer
  3. A USB cable to connect

If you have all these things, follow any of these methods.

Method #1: How to Root Android Phone with TunesGo

To safely root your android phone with PC, you first need to enable “Developer mode” in cellphone settings and then enable “USB debugging”. For this, follow these steps.

  1. First, go to mobile “settings”.
  2. Now go to “About Device”.
  3. Click on “Software Info”.
  4. Tap 7 times on “Build Number”.
  5. Now go back to the main “settings”.
  6. Go to “Developer Options”.
  7. Enable “USB Debugging” option in Developer Options.
How to Root & Unroot Android Phone | Pros & Cons | All Details 2

Now go to your PC and download and install “TunesGo” software by clicking on the following link.

Now follow these steps on PC.

1. Open “TunesGo” software on your PC.

2. Connect your android device with your PC with a USB cable.

3. If any pop-up appears on your mobile screen, “Allow” it.

4. Now go to “Toolbox” on TunesGo software.

How to Root & Unroot Android Phone | Pros & Cons | All Details 3

5. Now click on “One-Click Root”.’

6. A pop-up window will appear, click on “Root” button in the pop-up window.

How to Root & Unroot Android Phone | Pros & Cons | All Details 4

7. You may be asked to grant permission. Keep your mobile screen unlocked and grant permission if required.

8. Your device will start rooting and it may take a little bit time to complete rooting.

9. “SuperSU” app will be automatically installed on your mobile phone.

Don’t disconnect your mobile phone while rooting is in progress. Your device may also restart during this process but don’t worry.

To verify if your device is rooted,  open the “Root Checker” app on your mobile phone and click on “Verify Root” option. A pop-up may appear and tap on “GRANT” in the pop-up screen.

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Method #2: How to Root Android Phone with Odin

It is 99% successful method. Almost any device can be rooted with this method. For rooting your device with Odin, you need to download two things;

  1. Odin Software: Go to this website to download Odin.
  2. Root File: Go to the following websites and android root download the correct file for your mobile model number. Or

Now follow these steps:

1. Install Odin software on your PC and open it.

2. Enable “Developer Mode” from the settings. To enable “Developer Mode”, first go to “About Phone” and then click 7 times on “Build Number”. And then enable “USB Debugging” option.

3. Now power off your mobile phone.

4. Connect mobile phone with PC via USB cable.

5. Now press (Power + Home + Volume-down) buttons simultaneously for 10 to 15 seconds to enter into Downloading Mode.

How to Root & Unroot Android Phone | Pros & Cons | All Details 5

6. Press the Volume-Up button to continue to enter the Downloading mode.

7. Keep “Auto-reboot” and “F. Reset Time” marked under Options.

How to Root & Unroot Android Phone | Pros & Cons | All Details 6

8. Click on “PDA” and choose the root file that you have downloaded earlier.

9. Click on the “Start” button. Downloading process will start up.

The device will reboot automatically after downloading is complete. After that Odin window will show “Pass” status. You can verify via “Root Checker App” that it is rooted.

How to Root Android Phone without PC?

If you don’t have a PC or looking for a quick and easy method, you can use one of the following methods.

Method #1: How to Root Android Phone with KingRoot App

  1. Go to this website and download KingRoot App.
  2. Install this app. If it is unable to install then go to “Security Settings” on your mobile phone and enable “Unknown Sources”. Now again try to install KingRoot app and it will be installed now.
  3. Open the app. Scroll down and click on “Try it”.
  4. Click on “Start Root” button. It will start rooting your phone. It may take some time to complete and your mobile may reboot.
  5. After completion, this app will show you the “Security Index”. Click on “Optimization” button to get security index of 100.

Method #2: How to Root Android Phone Manually without Computer

  1. Download SuperSU Root ZIP file from this website: and remember the file storage location.
  2. Turn your phone power off.
  3. Press (VOLUME UP+HOME+POWER) keys simultaneously to open up recovery mode.
  4. Click on install and choose the downloaded ZIP file in the 1st step and flash it. It will take a few seconds to flash.
  5. Once the file is flashed on your device, it will show the “reboot” option. Reboot your device and you will see a new app installed in the device named “SuperSU”.
  6. To verify that it is rooted open “ROOT CHECKER” app downloaded from Google Play Store and verify it.

How Can I UnRoot My Phone?

If you have rooted your device earlier with any method and now you want to un-root it, you can do so. Although after un-rooting, it will not be 100 % the same as it was before rooting but many features will come back again. Like your Warranty will become applicable again and you can install apps now that don’t support on rooted devices or that can only be installed on un-rooted devices.


  1. Open the app through which you rooted your mobile or tablet.
  2. Find the “Settings” of the app and find and click on “Unroot” or “uninstall” option to Unroot your device.
  3. In the case of “KingRoot”, click on 3 dots at upper right corner and click on “General Settings” option.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and tap on “uninstall KingRoot” and tap on “Continue” to un-root your Phone.
  5. In the case of “SuperSU”, go to “Settings” menu.
  6. Scroll down to find “full unroot” option and tap on it.
  7. Tap on “Continue” to unroot the device.

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There are several pros and cons of rooting your device. The major disadvantage is that the Warranty is voided but you can get the warranty again by unrooting.

But even after unrooting, your phone won’t be the same exactly as it was before. But surely, there are a lot of benefits of rooting too.

There are several methods of rooting an android phone. You can root with a PC and without PC. I have listed only the best and most working methods of rooting your android.

If you really liked my efforts to write this article on “What is root android phone/ How to root android phone” with or without a PC and how to unroot, or if you have any question in your mind, inform me through the comment section below.

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