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UFONE Internet Packages 2018- Daily, 3 Day, Weekly & Monthly

Ufone internet packages are of four variants i.e. daily, 3 days, weekly and monthly internet bundles. Ufone offers both prepaid as well as postpaid services to its customers. The internet packages are also of two categories i.e. prepaid net packages & postpaid net packages. Prepaid plans are of daily, weekly and monthly types while postpaid plans are only monthly. Ufone data packages are comparatively expensive than other mobile network companies’ packages. As well as the coverage of 3G service is not as wider as the other companies.

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Ufone Internet Packages

In this article, I have listed all Ufone prepaid daily, 3 days, weekly, monthly and postpaid packages. You can see the complete list and decide what package you have to subscribe according to your data needs.

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Ufone Daily Internet Packages

Daily internet plans allow you to use the given data volume for one day. Special Daily & Mega Internet Bucket is not valid for the whole day but only for selected hours of the day. Here are all Ufone daily net packages. Choose the 3G net bundle that you want.

VolumeActivation CodePrice
Special Daily
(valid 1am-9pm only)
50 MB *3461# Rs. 5
Daily Light 40 MB *2256# Rs. 10
Mega Internet Bucket
(valid 1am-8pm only)
2 GB *550# Rs. 12
Daily Heavy 75 MB *2258# Rs. 15
Daily Pakistan Offer
  • 10 MB
  • 100 On-Net
To unsubscribe *8880#
Rs. 18
 *Dial *707# to check remaining resources and *706# to check remaining MB volume.

3 Days Ufone Internet Packages

The company has introduced a 3 days internet package to accommodate the data needs of its customers for 3 days. Subscribe to this net package get the freedom to use the internet for 3 days.

VolumeActivation CodePrice
3 Days Bucket 100 MB *3350# Rs. 25
 *Dial *707# to check remaining resources and *706# to check remaining MB  volume.

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

Following is the list of all Ufone weekly internet packages. You can choose the package that fulfills your data requirements. Subscribe to the weekly net package and use the internet for 7 days.

VolumeActivation CodePrice
Weekly Light 250 MB *7811# Rs. 50
Asli Chappar Phaar Offer
  • 1 GB
  • 100 On-Net
  • 100 SMS
*5050# Rs. 80
Super Internet 1224 MB *220# Rs. 100
Weekly Pakistan Offer
  • 100 MB
  • 700 On-Net
To unsubscribe *8880#
Rs. 100
Weekly Heavy 500 MB *7815# Rs. 125
Weekly Internet Plus 3 GB *260# Rs. 150
 *Dial *707# to check remaining resources and *706# to check remaining MB  volume.

  • On-Net minutes are valid for Ufone, PTCL, and Vfone.


Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

Ufone monthly internet bundles give you the freedom to use the internet for the whole month. Currently, there are 5 Ufone monthly net packages. The details of these are given below.

VolumeActivation CodePrice
New Sim Offer
  • 1000 MB
  • 500 On-Net
  • 25 Off-Net
  • 500 SMS
*1000# Recharge Rs. 50 to avail this.
Monthly Light 1 GB *7807# Rs. 250
Monthly Pakistan Package
  • 400 MB
  • 4000 On-Net
To unsubscribe *8880#
Rs. 418
Monthly Heavy 3 GB *803# Rs. 500
Monthly Max 10 GB *5100# Rs. 1000
 *Dial *707# to check remaining resources and *706# to check remaining MB volume.

  • On-Net minutes are valid for Ufone, PTCL, and Vfone.


Ufone Social Packages of 3G Internet

Ufone Social internet packages allow you to use social websites to stay in contact with your friends and family. You can use the social websites and apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter with these bundles. Following are the details of these social plans.

VolumeActivation CodePrice
Social Daily 100 MB
  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Twitter
*4422# Rs. 5
Daily Chat
  • Unlimited Whatsapp
  • 10,000 SMS
*3465# Rs. 5
Social Monthly
(30 days)
  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
  • Twitter
*5858# Rs. 50
 *Dial *707# to check remaining resources and *706# to check remaining MB volume.

Ufone Super Recharge & Super Card Internet Offers

Ufone Super Recharge Offer and Super Cards provide a solution for all internet, call and SMS needs in one plan. Following are the details of Super Recharge Offer and Super Cards.

VolumeActivation CodePrice
Super Recharge Offer
(2 days)
  • 100 MB
  • 700 SMS
  • 10 Off-Net
  • 300 On-Net
*300# Rs. 45 load
Mini Super Card
(15 days)
  • 600 MB
  • 3500 SMS
  • 75 Off-Net
  • 500 On-Net
*230# Rs. 299
Super Card
(30 days)
  • 1,200 MB
  • 4,000 SMS
  • 150 Off-Net
  • 1,000 On-Net
*240# Rs. 520
Super Card Plus
(30 days)
  • 1500 MB
  • 4200 SMS
  • 180 Off-Net
  • 1200 On-Net
*250# Rs. 599
 *Dial *707# to check remaining resources and *706# to check remaining MB volume.

  • On-Net minutes are valid for Ufone, PTCL, and Vfone.


Terms & Conditions – Prepaid

  • Bundles can also be subscribed by dialing *3#.
  • After the bundle data limit reached, Rs.2.50/MB will be charged at default rates.
  • Minimum charging pulse is 512 Kb.
  • Every day, the volume accumulator will reset at 00:00 hours.
  • If you use the internet without subscribing to any bundle, the default rate of Rs.2.50/MB will be charged.
  • On default usage of 50 MB, you will get an extra 150 MB free till midnight.
  • Fair Use Policy of 2 GB applies on Weekly Light Bucket.
  • Fair Use Policy of 50 MB applies on Daily Social Bucket.
  • Fair Use Policy of 500 MB applies on Daily Light, Daily Heavy, Special Daily and Daily Chat bundles.


Ufone Postpaid Packages of Internet

Unlike prepaid bundles, Ufone postpaid internet packages are only monthly. You can use the internet for 30 days. Following are all postpaid data bundles of this company.

ufone logoVolumeActivation CodePrice
Postpay 1 GB 1024 MB
(30 days)
*4547# Rs. 300
Postpay 3 GB 3072 MB
(30 days)
*805# Rs. 700
Postpay 5 GB 5120 MB
(30 days)
*7550# Rs. 1000
Postpay 10 GB 10240 MB
(30 days)
*8550# Rs. 1200
Postpay Super Load
  • 2000 MB
  • 2000 On-Net
  • 300 Off-Net
  • 2000 SMS

(30 days)
Rs. 999
 *Dial *4545# to check the status of remaining data volume.

Terms & Conditions – Postpaid

  • All these bundles are valid for postpaid customers only.
  • After the data limit is reached, Rs. 20 will be charged for the 1st MB you use. After that, you will get next 19 MB free and so on.
  • One bundle can be subscribed only once at one time.


About Ufone

Ufone is one of the mobile network operator companies in Pakistan. It is the smallest mobile network operator and has only 2 crores of users all over the country. It has 13% of the total market share which is the lowest among all four mobile network companies in Pakistan. It is subsidiary of PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) and started its operation in 2001 under the brand name “Ufone”. Due to the privatization of PTCL in 2006, it became a part of the Emirates Telecommunication Corporation Group. It is headquartered in Blue Area, Islamabad. It got the 3G license in 2014 for providing 3G service in the country. Rashid Khan is the current CEO of Ufone.


Final Words:

These are all Ufone internet packages currently offered in 2018. If the company introduces or upgrades any package, we will update this article.

If you think that we should have included any particular details in this article and we have missed it, please suggest us.

I hope that you would have liked this article. Please let me know of your thoughts by commenting below.

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