Zong Hourly Internet Package (2019)

zong hourly internet package

ZONG Hourly Internet Package

Zong hourly internet package allows you to use the internet on an hourly basis. If you are looking for the hourly based internet bundle, then be happy, you have landed the right page.

In this post, I will tell you that what ZONG Hourly Net Packages are currently offered by the company. So keep reading this post.


So at the present time in 2019, Super Student Bundle is the only hour based bundle which offers data on an hourly basis. Once subscribed, this offer is valid for 2 hours. This bundle also offers unlimited on-net free calls for 2 hours. Its details are as below.

Zong Hourly Internet Package (2019) 1 Volume Validity Activation Price
Super Student Bundle
  • 30 MB
  • unlimited On-Net minutes
2 Hours *5555# Rs. 5

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Terms & Conditions:

  • This offer is valid for 120 minutes from the time of subscription.
  • This is a non-recursive offer.
  • Once 30 MB is consumed, the user will be shifted to his base data package.
  • If your internet volume finishes, Rs. 1/MB will be charged.
  • If not subscribed to any other data bundle, the default rate of Rs. 4/MB will be charged.
  • Call setup charges will be Rs.0.12 for outgoing calls.

ZONG Hourly Internet Package

Previously Zong offered hourly data bundle. Customers could use unlimited internet for 1 hour at the price of Rs.15 per hour only. This offer could be subscribed by dialing 905 from the phone.n

Zong Hourly Internet Package (2019) 1 Volume Validity Activation Code Price
Hourly Internet (not available now) unlimited internet 1 Hour Dial 905 Rs. 5

However, this offer is no longer available. This hourly offer has been closed. Now if you dial 905, they say that this hourly offer is no longer available. Currently, the only hourly net package offered is Super Student Bundle which is described above.


You may further look at Day Time Offer which provides 1.2 GB data volume from 4 AM – 7 PM. Dial *47# to subscribe this offer @ Rs.16 only. The other hourly option you have is Good Night Offer which provides 2.5 GB data volume from 1 AM – 9 AM. Type “GNO” and send to 6464 to subscribe this offer @ Rs.15 only.

You may further plan your daily, weekly or monthly internet bundle by clicking the links below.

About ZONG:

ZONG is one of Pakistan’s best 4G service provider companies.  It is popular among Pakistanis due to its blazing fast speed. It provides both prepaid and postpaid services.  It has introduced many daily, weekly and monthly internet, SMS and call packages.

Zong or China Pakistan Mobiles was the first company to get the 4G license in 2014.  It offers online recharge and online bundles subscription on its website. It also provides mobile broadband internet. It has introduced 4G Internet SIMs and 4G Devices which provide blazing fast speed all across Pakistan.

It has widest network coverage all across Pakistan. Even if you are in the desert, on the motorway or in rural areas of Pakistan, you can enjoy the 4G internet. Zong has about 3 crores and 60 lacs of users all over the country. It is the country’s No.1 mobile data network.


There is no 1 hour unlimited Zong hourly internet package. The only hourly based internet package is Super Student Bundle which is valid for 2 hours. So, if you need unlimited internet for a few hours, you can alternatively think of Day Time Offer or Good Night Offer.

You can suggest us to write on a specific topic. This is an updated article of 2019 and no expired packages are described there. I hope that you liked this article. Thank you for reading this article.

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