Zong Monthly Internet Packages 2018

zong monthly internet packages

There is a variety of Zong monthly internet packages. All these bundles have their own specifications. Zong has introduced many monthly net bundles to accommodate the different requirements of its customers. The customers can decide which bundle is perfect for them by keeping in mind their requirements.

In the previous article we have discussed Zong Daily Internet Packages and now we are going to discuss all monthly data bundles. So keep reading the post.

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ZONG Monthly Internet Packages

There are many monthly net bundles. Each has its own specifications. You can choose the package of your own choice. Following are the details of all these bundles

zong logo Volume Activation Code Price
Monthly Mini 200 150 MB *6464# Rs. 50
Monthly Basic 700 500 MB *6464# Rs. 150+tax
ZONG Monthly 3 GB 3 GB *6464# Rs. 300
Monthly Premium 12GB 12 GB + free nights
(1 GB daily 1 AM- 9 AM)
*6464# Rs. 717
Data Share Package 5 GB 5 GB *6464*5#
>2 >1
Rs. 500
Data Share Package 10 GB 10 GB *6464*5#
>2 >2
Rs. 900

ZONG Monthly Hybrid Internet Packages

Hybrid bundles offer all three resources i.e. free minutes, SMS and Mbs. These bundles offer the perfect solution for all the needs of the mobile phone. Just subscribe to any of the following bundles and get freedom for the whole month. Following are the details of all hybrid bundles with 30 days of expiration.

zong logo Volume Other incentives Activation Price
Zong Combo Pack 15 Days
(valid for 15 days)
3 GB 50 Off-Net min *15# Rs. 200+tax
Zong Combo Pack Monthly 1 GB
  • 1000 On-net
  • 100 Off-net
  • 1000 SMS
SMS “sub Mahana” to 7091
Rs. 300+tax
Zong Monthly All in 1 Bundle 1500 MB
  • 1500 On-net
  • 150 Off-net
  • 1500 SMS
>4 >2
Rs. 500 load
Zong Supreme Package 4 GB
  • 4000 On-net
  • 300 Off-net
  • 4000 SMS
SMS “sub 750” to 6464
Rs. 800 load
Zong Supreme Plus Package 10 GB
  • 8000 On-Net
  • 600 Off-Net
  • 8000 SMS
*1500# Rs. 1155
Zong Monthly Power Pack 500 2.5 GB
  • 1000 On-net
  • 50 Off-net
  • 1000 SMS
*1313# Rs. 500
Zong Monthly Power Pack 1000 5 GB
  • 2000 On-net
  • 150 Off-net
  • 1500 SMS
*1313# Rs. 1000
Zong Monthly Whatsapp + SMS Bundle Daily 30 MB Whatsapp Daily 500 SMS *705# Rs. 50

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Terms & Conditions:

  • If you run out of the bundle, you will be charged Rs.1/MB.
  • Using the internet without subscribing to any internet bundle will cost you Rs.4+tax/MB.
  • Minimum charging pulse of 1 MB will be charged for default usage.
  • Fair Use Policy of 1 GB applies for downloading/uploading on free nights (1 AM – 9 AM).
  • When data share bundle finishes, group owner & member will be charged according to their own package. If they don’t have any data bundle, they will be charged according to out of bundle rate i.e. Rs.1/MB.
  • Call service charges will be Rs.0.15/call.
  • Minimum charging pulse is 1 minute for free minutes.
  • 19.5% sales tax will be applicable on subscription of all data, call and SMS bundles in Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Balochistan. While 17% sales tax is applicable in rest of Pakistan

Zong Postpaid Internet Packages

Following are the details of all postpaid bundles.

zong logo Internet Other incentives Minimum Security Deposit Price/ Monthly Line Rent
Z300 1000 MB
  • 500 On-Net
  • 100 Off-Net
  • 500 SMS
Rs. 1000 Rs. 300
Z500 2000 MB
  • 1500 On-Net
  • 250 Off-Net
  • 1000 SMS
Rs. 1000 Rs. 365
Z900 4000 MB
  • Unlimited On-Net
  • 500 Off-Net
  • 2000 SMS
Rs. 2000 Rs. 657
Z1500 8000 MB
  • Unlimited On-Net
  • 800 Off-Net
  • 4000 SMS
Rs. 3000 Rs. 1095
Z3000 25600 MB
  • Unlimited On-Net
  • 1200 Off-Net
  • 5000 SMS
Rs. 5000 Rs. 2190

About ZONG:

Zong was Pakistan’s first cellular data network to get the 4G license in 2014. It provides the fastest 3G & 4G internet speed to its customers. It is headquartered in Islamabad and started its operation in 2008. It is Pakistan’s 2nd largest GSM Operator Company and 3rd largest Mobile Network Provider Company in terms of the number of users.

It has widest 3G & 4G coverage all across Pakistan. It is the most liked mobile Internet Service Provider Company in Pakistan. It has introduced many data, call and SMS packages for its customers so that customers can select the bundle according to their requirements. It is country’s No. 1 data network. It provides both prepaid and postpaid packages for its customers.

Final Words

These are all ZONG monthly internet packages currently offered in 2018. If it introduces any further monthly net bundle, I will add it in this article and update it. I hope you have liked this article and it will be valuable to you. If you have any question, let me know in the comment box below. Thank you for reading this article.

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